Repair Price List

Prices provided for the following repair services are based on a single storey home located in Brant County, with a roof pitch up to and including 7:12. Roofs outside of Brant, exceeding 18 feet in height, or of a pitch greater than 7:12 will be subject to the surcharges detailed below. All prices include material, labour, and disposal of removed materials unless otherwise noted. All prices are subject to HST.  When doing a repair of blown off shingles we try to match the colour when possible but cannot guarantee a perfect match.

Basic Repair Services
Description Price
Basic service - includes replacement of up to one bundle of missing or damaged shingles OR application of up to 4 tubes of sealant to vent stacks,exposed nails, roof flashing or worn shingles OR installation of one steel roof vent, Duraflo bathroom vent, or pipe flashing. Includes up to 1 hour labour. $275.00
Each additional bundle of replacement shingles $125.00
Each additional steel roof vent, bathroom vent, or pipe flashing $75.00
Each additional tube of sealant (300ML / 9” TUBE) $25.00
Replace chimney flashing kit - includes replacement of bordering shingles, installation of ice and water shield around chimney, new step flashing, back pan, and flashing kit (black, brown or white),new sealant. Single or double flu chimney $600.00
Triple flu chimney or larger $750.00
Single custom flashing or roof-wall flashing, 10 feet in length or less, includes sealant (black, brown or white)


Each additional piece of custom metal flashing, includes sealant $125.00
Tarp Installation (Secured With Wood Strapping)
Description Price
12’x16’ $350.00
16’X20’ $400.00
20’x30’ $450.00
30’x50’ $550.00
Sun Tunnel Installation/Velux Sun Tunnels
Description Price
10” diameter rigid tunnel, includes up to 4’ of rigid tunnel $799.00
Each additional 2’ section of 10” rigid tunnel $99.00
14” diameter rigid tunnel, includes up to 4’ of rigid tunnel $899.00
Each additional 2’ section of 14” rigid tunnel $125.00
Skylight replacement (LABOUR/SHOP SUPPLIES ONLY) Includes replacement of necessary bordering shingles to ensure proper installation, removal and disposal of existing skylight, and installation of the skylight, flashing kit and shingles. Excludes any interior repairs/finishing or electrical wiring. SKYLIGHT UNIT AND FLASHING KIT EXTRA. (Prices vary by size) $649.00
Description Price
Steep slope/height - roofs over 18’ high, or steeper than 7:12 pitch Add $75.00
Travel, less than half hour from Brant (ex. Ancaster, Dundas, Cambridge, Woodstock) Add $75.00
Travel, more than half hour from Brant (ex. Waterloo, Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, London, Port Dover) Add $125.00
Emergency service premium (after hours 7pm-7am, Mon-Fri, Sat & Sun or off season Dec. 1-Mar. 1) Add $125.00

***This list is for approximate costs and could vary based on the job.***